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In business since 1995

Elaine Basaran is the owner and founder of Home  Advantage Interiors since 1995. She has a passion for design and truly  believes a successful design is not just about making something  beautiful, it's about helping people build an experience they and their  families love and never want to leave. Clients find her down to earth,  friendly, knowledgable and easy to work with. She attributes her success  to her honest and forthright personality. Elaine always collaborates  with her clients so that their personalities and st​yle  come through in  their interiors. She is appreciated by her client for her inspirational  ideas and design solutions. When not working, Elaine can be found  puttering in her beautiful gardens or going for long hikes with her dog.  She has travelled extensively and attributes her many different tastes  to her experiences traveling throughout the world. 

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